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The most famous Roman ruins in the world, except, of course, those of the capital, are certainly those of ancient Pompeii, the city destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. 

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No wonder: the chance to admire a large and prosperous Roman city in an extraordinary state of preservation, thanks to the layer of ash and lava several meters high that destroyed it, are more unique than rare, and visiting it you can have an exceptional insight into the life of the time. Hidden for 1700 years no one could indicate where the ancient center in the past, returned to light by chance, the excavations of Pompeii today are among the most famous in the world and continue to increase what the second attraction of Italy to offer. Turn through the streets of ancient Pompeii means to admire an impressive amount of villas, houses, temples, stadiums, touch the daily life of a world of bakers and nobles, musicians and prostitutes, innkeepers and doctors, many of whom surprised by the eruption as they were running away from the city and immortalized forever by their footprints in the ashes, brought to light by the technique of the casts while protecting the face of the mystery, huddle against each other waiting for the end, they tried in vain to flee carrying their chests with their valuable inside. An experience like Pompeii not found elsewhere in the world.

Among the things you must see there are: 

  •  The Forum of Pompeii. A small open area, where there were many shops, usually built with lava and tuff and cemented with clay.
  • The House of the Faun, a house buried during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, found after the archaeological excavations of Pompeii: we talk about one of the big houses of the ancient city that owes its name to a bronze statue, depicting a satyr, situated in the "impluvium".
  • The Amphitheater of Pompeii is the oldest building for gladiatorial shows. The building, which came to house 20,000 people, was built in the south-east of the city. This choice was due to the fact that it was necessary that the amphitheater was easily accessible from the outside.
  • Villa dei Misteri is the most important house of Pompeii, at first called Villa Item. It is located on a small hill from which it was enjoying a beautiful view on today's Bay of Naples.
  • The big theater, despite having undergone several renovations, has maintained over the centuries the original Greek structure. Having been built on the slope, there was no need to add more stone structures.

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