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Once you arrive in Rome, take a few days to get to know and explore the gems of Tuscany and visit the magical Venice. Your journey begins with the discovery of Tuscan treasures, from the Renaissance art of Florence with the stunning Uffizi Gallery to the majesty of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

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Continue to the enchanting hills of Siena, where the Piazza del Campo and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta will captivate you with their medieval beauty.Lose yourself in the splendor of the Val d'Orcia, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring breathtaking panoramas and explore the small villages and authentic hamlets, each with its incredible history.

Your tour through Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, and Veneto promises an extraordinary experience, combining the art, culture, and gastronomy of these unique regions. After exploring the pearls of Tuscany, you could venture towards Emilia Romagna, a land renowned for its rich culinary tradition and automotive story.  Stop in Bologna, a city with a millennia-old history, and delight your palate with authentic tagliatelle and tortellini, savoring delicacies like Parmigiano Reggiano, the king of our tables, the legendary Crescentine with Mortadella, and local wine.

Continuing the journey, make a stop in Modena to visit the Ferrari or Lamborghini Museum, immersing yourself in the thrilling world of Italian automotive excellence. Explore the streets of this fascinating city, also famous for its traditional balsamic vinegar. Continue to Reggio Emilia, where history and art blend in a suggestive setting.

Finally, your journey will lead you to the discovery of Veneto, rich in history, art, and beauty. You will visit Verona with its incredible Arena, the ancient Roman amphitheater where performances and operas are held, and you can get up close to Juliet's famous balcony. Don't miss Padua with the Basilica of Saint Anthony, the Scrovegni Chapel, Giotto's frescoes, and the renowned Palladian Villas scattered throughout the region. Finally, Venice, a city like no other. Experience the unique atmosphere of Piazza San Marco, travel the canals in a gondola, and admire the iconic architecture of this city suspended on water.

This tour not only offers a journey through artistic and cultural beauties but also an immersion into the extraordinary gastronomic variety of Italy, from Tuscany to Emilia Romagna, to the romantic atmospheres of Venice. With the support of professional drivers, you can enjoy every moment of this journey without worrying about logistics. A complete experience that embraces the heart and soul of Italy.

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